Frequently Asked Questions

What is Downloader Guru?
Downloader Guru is a service which allows you to download files (video, music, etc.) from numerous filehostings sites, such as,,,  as a premium user of these sites without signing up or subscribing.

Do I need to register to use Downloader Guru?
Yes, it’s fast and simple to register. Upon registration you will receive a personal account which will allow you to download files through our website. It’s absolutely anonymous and most importantly, it’s safe.

What are the benefits of using Downloader Guru?
  • It saves you money. You're only paying for our service, but you get the opportunity to use all premium features from all supporting file hosting. You don't need to pay for all of them!
  • High-speed downloads. Speed connection is the same as "Premium" user.
  • Total anonymity. When you download files through our service, you can be assured of anonymous usage. You will not be recognised by other filehosting mediums or services. No one can identify what you have downloaded nor do we share or pass this information on to anyone else.

How many Gbs I can download per day with my premium account?
There is not exists daily limit for premium users.

How to download a file through Downloader Guru?
It’s very easy. Just login into your account and enter the links in the appropriate field («Download File») which you will find in your members zone. That‘s it! – download start automatically, just make sure you don't remove the flag in the bottom left corner in that field! You may use any of the major accelerators, a few popular ones are: Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla, also try Google file download manager.

How fast can I download the file?
The speed of downloading your files will be the same as enjoyed by premium members of every used file hosting sites. However, the downloading speed will depend on your internet connection speed, the time of day, and current load of our servers.

Can I resume broken downloads?
If you start to download the file after it was upload to our server and the download was interrupted, you may resume it at a later time. We don’t penalize this type of traffic when you downloadfrom our server.

Is it safe to download the file?
We do not scan files for viruses, however all supported file hosting do. We do however recommend that you check each file with an antivirus utility before opening that file.

How many times can a file be downloaded?
A file can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.

I paid for Premium Account but it is not activated/changed. What should I do?
contact us via feedback in your account and we’ll upgrade your account as soon as possible.

My credit card was charged but I did not sign up for an account. What should I do?
Please  contact us  with your details and we will investigate. The most likely cause is that your credit card number was stolen and used to purchase a subscription on our site.
We cannot accept liability for the charges if this is the case, as it is up to you to keep your credit card details secure.

What is my trial downloads limit?
Trial downloads Traffic is 1000Mb. Trial users from have trial downloads limit per file 500Mb

Refund policy
All of Downloader Guru  premium services can be purchased after you register, and you may subscribe to the premium services for various lengths of time.
 Refunds can be done on case by case basis and not later that 48 hours from initial order. We don't provide partial refunds.